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THEVMFACTORY designs smart, sustainable and easy-to-assemble furniture for brands and retailers.

Spend less time arranging your space and more time with your customers. Free up energy for your business.

When logistics get easy

Flat-packed delivery

Maximize your storage space. All our products are flat-packed delivered. Forget oversized packages.

No tools 

Leave the toolbox home. Assemble all our products within a few minutes, without any screws or hardware.

Easy savings

Save time and money. Choose smart, modular, sustainable furnitures that fit any product, window or PoS…

All our suppliers care about eco-conception.

Our main partner Formes et Sculptures (ECO POPAI certfied) and all manufacturer network put Eco-conception and sustainability as a priority in their day-to-day business.

Factory in Bléré, France

100 people, 15 000 m2

Production :

Cut-out plastic, wood, cardboard, thermoforming, multi-material assembly, painting, decors.

Factory in Jagodina, Serbia

130 people, 6 000 m2

Production :

Wood, plastic injection, metal, plastic, multi materials assembly, painting, decors, manufacture of packaging.

Factory in Dongguan, Chine

300 people, 8 000 m2

Production :

Plastic presentation products, wood, metal, cloth covering, multi-materials assembly, painting, decors.